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M-Atty FTW Version

Intro to the M-Atty FTW Edition

I would certainly like to start by mentioning I have been fortunate enough to have an M-atty in some type or another in my rotation for the last few years. In the FTW version we have what is essentially a collection agencies version packed in with a selection of hard, perhaps nigh on difficult to obtain parts. There are a number of versions of this renowned American made atomiser in the wild but we will be particularly looking at the FTW Edition, 1/2018 Latest Version of All Parts S/N FTW 001-- FTW 200. The standard atty itself is or was $120ish plus delivery and taxes.

Below is a quote from Matt Brown, the creator of the M-atty, extracted from his site

Considering that my first rebuildable I have for life been in search of innovation, top quality & craftsmanship. Over the past 3 years I've been privileged enough to have some superior equipment and would certainly like to take this as a possibility to show my admiration and also respect for all previous as well as current Modders.

The M Atty is not all things to all people. It is something I take wonderful pride in however I do not believe it to be the end all be all. Much more so it's just a new chapter in the journey I have actually grown to value; one that has permanently transformed my life right.

If you would like to purchase an item that is unavailable, MEB Mods will always be a small operation and I apologize in advancement. Such is the nature of brief run manufacturing.

I am honored to have actually discovered a machinist with an unyielding devotion to quality and attention to detail; one which I have had the satisfaction of developing a longstanding friendship with through previous jobs in the Mechanical Engineering area. All parts and also settings up are by my design; the 2 of us manufacture, construct, end up & QC all parts exclusively in Orange County, California, USA. In short we put eyes & hands on whatever that is MEB MODS.

The rarity and also mystique of the atomiser has actually been sustained by the minimal accessibility as well as short runs of the atomiser because its creation in 2015. In spite of its age it still continues to be among one of the most sought after items in "High end" vaping through a devoted follower base and also people excited to try this vaping pillar. Also currently there are much less than 2000 original M-attys on the planet.

Base 22mm stainless-steel 24kt gold layered
3 blog post dripper
Numerous accessories offered
Several coiling alternatives
Flexible air movement
U.S.A. designed and produced
This can be utilized in a common dripping setting or with the offered squonk message. I use my M-atty specifically in squonk setting.

There are a great deal of components in this version and also below is an image of what you obtain with this edition and breakdown of associated parts. Prices are in dollars-.

Aesthetic Appeals and also Build Quality.

For me, as well as it all comes down to personal preference, however I stop working to locate an atomiser that looks as good as the M-atty does and supplies such good performance even after nigh on 3 years given that it was initially made. The construct quality is remarkable with its bevelled sides and also you can truly feel as well as see the initiative that enters into this atomiser contrasted to some otherwise all I have actually been privileged to try because I started vaping.

The fit as well as surface truly is extraordinary in every method and also could potentially be contrasted to a jewelry level of detail. Maker marks are minimal in the deck itself and also every little thing fits precisely as it must with a comforting click. You can inform this is not a mass generated item as well as can comprehend what worths and also requirements the modder is working to because of its encouraging weight as well as effectiveness. It truly is a stunning item of work and it looks amazing on whatever.

Structure on the M-Atty FTW Edition.

Well it's a basic 3 post atomiser! What extra can I state? The ease of develop is perfect and you do not need a design level or the persistence of a saint to get a decent build in this. Call is all done through the gold layered clamps with Phillips gold plated screws - it really might not be easier!

My most likely to develop, and I have yet to discover better, is 2.5 mm internal diameter double stainless, 6 wraps either side coming out at around 0.3 ohm. This produces a beautiful cozy vapour which moves me onto the next part.

Just how does the M-Atty FTW Edition vape?

I'm a quite straightforward person when it concerns atomisers, and also thus I often tend to use double coils in double coil atomisers and also single coils in solitary coil atomisers. The M-Atty has the option to transform it to a single coil atomiser with the reducer and also single afc port amongst various other accessories. For me this atomiser really beams in its double coil version, as much as I'm worried that's just how it ought to be made use of as well as how it was initially intended to be.

The M-atty truly shines on complex flavours such as bakery, cigarettes as well as custards and quickly became my recommendation atomiser for these kinds of liquids. You really obtain a rich flavourful vape consistently and also can select aspects of flavours that you may not on various other atomisers - almonds, vanillas, ry4s as well as so forth actually stand out on this atomiser without hiding various other flavours. I'm yet to try any kind of atomiser that matches the M-atty so regularly in regards to flavour delivery, it essentially makes your mouth water occasionally!

Its not also shoddy on fruits either but I vape tanks do choose some solitary coil atomisers for fruit based E-Liquids such as the Skyfall or NarCa/NarDA for example.

Despite it being sensibly short the atty seldom fumes. This might be because of the base being different to the top cap which is different to the afc which consequently is different to the drip tip/integral. In conclusion this results in a satisfying as well as constant vape!


There are a riches of accessories for all tastes, ranging from different coloured top caps, afc's, drip ideas, pins to match whatever mod you desire to pair this atty with. Some have greater than aesthetic uses, such as a leading cap that has a 1mm hole on one side for every one of you mouth to lung tighter than a religious woman's chuff people or the wider-aired DC honeypot. There are possible choices for every design of vape.

Accessibility and Price.

Now the negative part. The M-atty is exceptionally tough to get and also, if and when you get one, the stress of getting the brand-new parts/accessories that inevitably appear can be comprehensive. As discussed prior to there are less than 2,000 now and also they will likely not be made again. There is a secret group on Facebook where you need to have one to get in as well as supply does drop shop at on his web site periodically so you can be lucky, however lottery game winner fortunate to get one when Matt occasionally makes them!

I will not exist - I have obtained rid of one in the past as a result of not being able to obtain a Black AFC to match my established, after that spent 5 months attempting to get an additional as I missed it. Some have not been as privileged in getting one more.

Profession wise individuals tend to keep them with dear life and the "market worth" as such is inflated. I have seen a conventional one in the past go for over $2500 on raffles!

Cost for the common M-atty with no squonk message or practically any type of devices was $120. As over the FTW version was $695 plus delivery. There have actually been a few variants such as a solitary coil version (SBF), star decks (deck alone) all of which vary in price as well as exclusivity.


Several will read this and also think of the outdated 3 message modern technology, the schedule as well as the expense and make their own verdicts. For me, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have one, it's a deluxe RDA that really draws out intricate flavours if that's your thing. The degree of customisation readily available to match your perfect set up makes also the most shabby looking mod classy. For many, and rather rightly so, its an unfounded item not simply due to cost however additionally effort and time needed to obtain.

I will not be allowing my own go once more in a hurry as it really is a solid, detailed and also unbelievably well made performer. I also will not hold my breath until something occurs that ticks every one of the boxes like the M-atty does, a few come close and also perversely and also together they are additionally made in California!

I'm a quite straightforward individual when it comes to atomisers, and also as such I have a tendency to make use of dual coils in double coil atomisers as well as solitary coils in solitary coil atomisers. The M-Atty has the alternative to change it to a single coil atomiser with the reducer and single afc slot amongst various other accessories. The M-atty truly beams on facility flavours such as pastry shop, tobaccos as well as custards as well as promptly became my referral atomiser for these kinds of fluids. I'm yet to try any atomiser that matches the M-atty so continually in terms of flavour delivery, it actually makes your mouth water on events!

The M-atty is exceptionally tough to obtain and also, if and when you get one, the frustration of getting the brand-new parts/accessories that unavoidably come out can be comprehensive.

Among the list of main pluses of the tank is definitely the press button flip leading. Filling is built rapid, easy and hassle-free with its hinged design. The highest is lined so leaking is not a worry, on the other hand the hinge feels somewhat free but won't outcome the utility of the structure.

With the batteries OUT of one's product, screw within the Rebuildable head to The bottom of the T-VCT and attach the tank for the Vaporizer. Trust me, you’ll have to the leverage.

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The F1 coil that will come with the tank comes with the improved wicking product and in a parallel coil configuration. The flavor from the F1 is pretty good.

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Why are the final five evaluations ahead of mine all the same date? Very good dilemma I have recognized that on loads of items.

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Minimize a strip of organic cotton (equipped) and thread the coil. The surplus cotton ought to be snipped off. Anything at all extending earlier the duration of the deck needs to be the quantity you snip off.

GOLISI is often a brand of batteries and chargers born for e-cigs. It’s among the several brands of vaping batteries and...

The build deck also features 29 honey comb airholes that measure 1mm Each individual and therefore are positioned round the terminals. Airflow enters the Mage V2 RTA by way of triple adjustable bottom airflow and also a 6mm bore delrin 810 drip tip permits ample vapor consumption and flavor. The Mage V2 RTA also features a five.5ml PCTG Bubble Tank Portion for one of a kind customization, as well as a 510 drip idea adapter, and spare elements. Coil Artwork's Mage V2 RTA is a stylish rebuildable tank atomizer with an easy to work with postless build deck, perfect for new and knowledgeable buyers alike!

Furtherly upgraded from the popular flavor monster Flow SubTank, this Flow Professional SubTank can provide way greater flavor encounter than the first a single. It is actually 25mm in diameter, able to Keeping around 4ml e-juice with a daily straight glass tube and 5ml with a bubble glass tube.

For information and facts concerning our conditions and terms for warranty remember to Click the link. There you will discover warranty information for all of our merchandise.

The ShenRay In'Sane 22 Style RTA / RDA is produced from 316 stainless steel As well as in 22mm diameter. This atomizer supports single coil setup and may be used as mouth to lung or immediate to lung inhalation. The ventilated atomizer base is built to decrease warmth buildup of the atomizer.

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